Sarah K. Berckman, C. R.

Rolfing Structural Integration


The sessions with Sarah helped reestablish balance and a sense of connectedness in my body. Upper and lower body perform in a more effective and unified manner. Years of pain and stress have gone away. I am significantly more flexible. I’m so happy to have met Sarah and learn about Rolfing. I have benefitted from it in ways I could not have imagined.  

Rick L., June 2019, Savannah


Approximately five years ago I picked up Sarah’s business card in my
chiropractors office.  I asked her (my chiropractor) about Rolfing and
she described it as a very deep massage that had been beneficial for
people with MS and other such problems.  I have had back and neck
problems (with limited mobility in my neck) since I was a teenager (I
am now 57) and chiropractic helped to keep me functional but the pain
never went away.  I stay away from prescription pain meds but I did
take Ibuprofen on a daily basis and sometimes in the middle of the
night I would have to get up and take an extra dose just to be able to
take the edge off of the horrible pain.  It was also difficult to sit
for very long as this caused the lower back pain to intensify.  After
several months of carrying Sarah’s card around in my purse I finally
decided to give her a call to find out what Rolfing was really all
about – this is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made!  I
went through the program and received complete pain relief and
regained full mobility in my neck.  After completing the program I
continued to see Sarah for maintenance and just to continue the
Rolfing therapy as this had changed my life.  Unfortunately, we no
longer live in the same town so I have not had Rolfing therapy in
almost two years but I continue to be pain free. I highly recommend
Rolfing to anyone who suffers from chronic pain – your life will be
changed for the good!

Glenda L, January 2019, Valdosta

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